The Washington Society of Landscape Painters and The Nature Conservancy have embarked on an exciting project in which the artists meet the sanctuaries that have been established to preserve rare and endangered species and ecosystems in Maryland, Virginia, and DC. Many of these areas are not accessible to the public and are fragile, even unique. Lani has 'adopted' the Nanticoke River.  Below is a sampling of Lani's Nanticoke River series. Read about the partnership in The Spring  2008 issue of The Nature Conservancy magazine


         “Protected Landscapes: Paintings of The Nature Conservancy Preserves”

                                            The Washington Society of Landscape Painters

                                       Reception: November 16, 2008 4-6 p.m.         Art Talk: December 9, 2008 7-8 p.m.

                               The Atheneum (Virginia Fine Arts Association)     201 Prince Street    Alexandria, VA 22314

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Big Creek, Nanticoke River 18 x 24 o/linen panel  SOLD

Nanticoke River Sunset 18 x 24 o/linen panel SOLD

Nanticoke Shoreline 16 x 12 o/linen panel SOLD

Nanticoke River 48 x 36 o/c SOLD

Nanticoke River Grasses 20 x 30 o/c SOLD

*Collection of University of Maryland, University College

                                       River View 18 x 36 o/c SOLD

                                     “Peoples Choice Award”

                                            “Third Place”

           Washington Society of Landscape Painters Annual Banquet 2009